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The environment is at the core of Lithium’s mission. Our goal of developing a commercial-grade lithium operation is motivated by our commitment to helping nations achieve net-zero emissions. 

As a mining company, we understand that our work will, at times, disrupt the environment. While the effects of mining activities on the environment are inevitable, Lithium Ionic is committed to minimizing its ecological footprint and reducing its carbon footprint through sustainable mining practices. 

Our flagship Itinga Project in Minas Gerais state, Brazil has access to renewable hydroelectrical grid power, a notable feature of the project’s location. Currently, 100% of the electricity at our administrative office on-site is powered by hydroelectric power. In Q4 2023, we partnered with Cemig Distribuição S.A., Brazil's largest hydroelectric provider, to develop essential power infrastructure for our future Bandeira operating site. This agreement will help reduce the Bandeira site’s overall Scope 2 emissions as we move toward a production scenario. Read THIS press release to learn more. 

Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to the strict adherence to all regulatory guidelines governing our exploration and appraisal programs.  

Permitting Process 

The Itinga project is currently in the process of obtaining necessary permits and environmental approvals for its Bandeira underground mine site. The project is eligible for a Concomitant Environmental Simplified License (LAC), which combines two licenses (Preliminary License and Installation License) into one combined license. In Q4 2023, Lithium Ionic successfully applied for the LAC license for the Itinga project through the completion and submission of the Environmental Control Report and Environmental Control Plan. Read THIS press release to learn more. 

Future Plans: 

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