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Battery & Precious Metals Virtual Investor Conference: Presentations Now Available for On-Demand Viewing

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Virtual Investor Conferences, the leading proprietary investor conference series, today announced that the presentations from the October Battery & Precious Metals Virtual Investor Conference are now available for on-demand viewing.

REGISTER NOW OR LOGIN AT: https://bit.ly/3DoUdOF

The company presentations will be available 24/7 for 90 days. Investors, advisors, and analysts may download investor materials from the company’s resource section.

Select companies are accepting 1x1 management meeting requests through October 25 th .

October 18th Presenters

Presentation Ticker(s)
West Vault Mining Inc OTCQX: WVMDF | TSXV: WVM
Outcrop Silver & Gold Corp. OTCQX: OCGSF | TSXV: OCG
Minera Alamos, Inc. OTCQX: MAIFF | TSXV: MAI
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. OTCQX: SGSVF | TSX: SBB
Orezone Gold Corp. OTCQX: ORZCF | TSX: ORE
Troilus Gold Corp. OTCQX: CHXMF | TSX: TLG
Equity Metals Corporation OTCQB: EQMEF | TSXV: EQTY
G Mining Ventures Corp. OTCQX: GMINF | TSXV: GMIN
Arizona Metals Corp. OTCQX: AZMCF | TSXV: AMC
Moneta Gold Inc. OTCQX: MEAUF | TSX: ME
First Mining Gold Corp. OTCQX: FFMGF | TSX: FF
Chesapeake Gold Corp. OTCQX: CHPGF | TSXV: CKG
Karora Resources Inc. OTCQX: KRRGF | TSX: KRR
Southern Silver Exploration Corp. OTCQX: SSVFF | TSXV: SSV
Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd. OTCQB: PEXZF | TSXV: PEX

October 19th Presenters

Presentation Ticker(s)
McFarlane Lake Mining Limited OTCQB: MLMLF | NEO: MLM
Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. OTCQX: WLBMF | TSX: WM
Nighthawk Gold Corp. OTCQX: MIMZF | TSX: NHK
Giga Metals Corp. OTCQX: HNCKF | TSXV: GIGA
Tesoro Gold Ltd. OTCQB: TSORF | ASX: TSO
Element 29 Resources Inc. OTCQB: EMTRF | TSXV: ECU
Summa Silver Corp. OCQX: SSVRF | TSXV: SSVR
Euro Manganese Inc. OTCQX: EUMNF | TSXV: EMN
Culpeo Minerals Ltd. OTCQB: CPORF | ASX: CPO
Nicola Mining Inc. OTCQB: HUSIF | TSXV: NIM
Cypress Development Corp. OTCQX: CYDVF | TSXV: CYP
Faraday Copper Corp. OTCQX: CPPKF | CSE: FDY
Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. OTCQB: AVLNF | TSX: AVL
Azimut Exploration Inc. OTCQX: AZMTF | TSXV: AZM

October 20th Presenters

Presentation Ticker(s)
Idaho Champion OTCQB: GLDRF | CSE: ITKO
Electra Battery Materials Corporation Nasdaq: ELBM | TSXV: ELBM
Paycore Minerals Inc. Pink: PYCMF | TSXV: CORE
Wealth Minerals Ltd. OTCQB: WMLLF |TSXV: WML
Grid Metals Corp. OTCQB: MSMGF |TSXV: GRDM
Keynote Presentation: “The Sustainability Conundrum” Critical Materials Institute, by Jack Lifton
World Copper Ltd. OTCQX: WCUFF |TSXV: WCU
American Rare Earths Ltd. OTCQB: ARRNF | ASX: ARR
Infinity Stone Ventures Corp OTCQB: GEMSF | CSE: GEMS
Lithium Ionic Corp. OTCQB: LTHCF | TSXV: LTH

To facilitate investor relations scheduling and to view a complete calendar of Virtual Investor Conferences, please visit www.virtualinvestorconferences.com .

About Virtual Investor Conferences ®

Virtual Investor Conferences (VIC) is the leading proprietary investor conference series that provides an interactive forum for publicly traded companies to seamlessly present directly to investors.

Providing a real-time investor engagement solution, VIC is specifically designed to offer companies more efficient investor access. Replicating the components of an on-site investor conference, VIC offers companies enhanced capabilities to connect with investors, schedule targeted one-on-one meetings and enhance their presentations with dynamic video content. Accelerating the next level of investor engagement, Virtual Investor Conferences delivers leading investor communications to a global network of retail and institutional investors.

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